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Sunday, December 30, 2007

London trip and filter coffee

After a long time, we went to London for my friends wedding treat. (The wedding has finished long back :-)). After a good lunch (work out) at Chennai Restaurant in Eastham, we were shopping around a bit. I came across Bru Roast and Ground and immediately had thoughts of my old times aroma filled filter coffee. Hmmmm.... Immediately I bought it and a day later a French press filter. I had to do with it since I forgot to get a stainless steel filter when coming back from India. I have never made filter coffee before and relying on my intuition and experimental nature :-). As I write, a good aroma is spreading through the house from the coffee filter. The tough part is to get the correct decotion level and the thickness of milk. Enough rambling...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shivaji once again...

I saw Shivaji movie once again, this time in Bristol cineworld itself. Kool. Happy and ready for a ride some group of guys got together to watch the movie. I enjoyed the movie second time (first I saw the premier show in Birmingham) this time without missing all the jokes which I had missed the first time during my laughter ;-). Rajni and Shankar combination, both has worked out very well. Rajni style is marvelous, Shankar's direction is superb with Shriya gorgeous throughout the movie. The movie was little bit longer, nevertheless forgetting to mention Vivek doesn't do the proper justice. The comedy and punch dialog section completely belongs to him. Hats off to him. I liked the movie very much.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cycle to Bath

I drove to Emersens green to a friends house and from their we started off in bikes. It was a lovely day. ( When we started off, it was misty and the weather improved much better later on. Initially I was tired, but once the body warmed up, we kept going. It was a wonderful countryside. The old railway line between Bristol and Bath is now converted to a cycle path. We saw lot of old railway stations along the path. Halfway through, we went to a pub and had a shandy. The pub is situated on the banks of River Avon and it is a beautiful place. I cant express the beauty in words. There was a sailing club there and many were trying out their yacht/sailing skills. When we settled down with a shandy, I was seeing lot of rafts trying to pass the current flowing inwards. It was nice. From there, we started off towards Bath once again, crossed many bridges and reached the canal in bath very near to city centre. We started off back, took rest in couple of places. There is the somerset steam railway running along a couple of miles along the path. It is run via donation and by volunteers. When I reached back Bristol, I was dead hungry and cramp in thigh muscles which joins knee. It was a wonderful experience and I decided to use by cycle more often.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Talk like a pirate

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Birstol ballon fiesta.

Bristol is famous for ballons and it is a known worldwide exporter of ballons. All custom made ballons are manufactured in bristol. To celebrate this every year there is one ballon fiesta with a night glow.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Another addiction

Age of Empires, a game from Ensemble Studios, Microsoft. A wonderful strategy game, that takes us to the old ages of kings and conquerors. I play this game on all my weekends and some times during the weekday. Compared to what is now I was addicted more that game. I have to come out, but I love this game and dont see any need for disturbing my entertainment.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

vi key bindings and Firefox 1.5

This is shamelessly copied from These guys were there before me. I am adding some more details to this page.

I am a vi addict. I use vim everywhere including windows, unix, linux. I have learnt typing and type very fast. I hate to move my fingers for navigation keys or mouse from the asdf position. I open vim where everybody opens a notepad, wordpad or any advanced editor. I use inbuilt ftp client to pullout files from servers and edit directly. It saves me lot of time.
The beauty with firefox is I can customize it to my taste. Now for a long time I felt I am missing some kind of vi/vim navigation in firefox browser.

1. Get a jar package. If you are like me (an illiterate) in java, get java development installed on your system. I use cygwin and I downloaded gcj package to get the jar. Otherwise, the standard Sun JDK will have jar bundled.

2. Copy toolkit.jar to a tmp dir found under Mozilla Firefox\chrome. This dir will be usually under c:\Program Files or wherever you installed Firefox 1.5.

3. Open, unjar (untar) the jar file. jar -xvf toolkit.jar. The contents will be stored under content/ dir. Open the file content\global\platformHTMLBindings.xml in your favourite editor (in this case vi) and add the following to the browser section.

<handler event="keypress" key="h" command="cmd_scrollLeft" />
<handler event="keypress" key="j" command="cmd_scrollLineDown" />
<handler event="keypress" key="k" command="cmd_scrollLineUp" />
<handler event="keypress" key="l" command="cmd_scrollRight" />
<handler event="keypress" key="u" command="cmd_scrollPageUp" />

You can add other bindings as well and it depends on your preference.

4. tar... sorry jar is back again using jar -0cvf toolkit.jar content/ . Note the zero which allows jar to tar the contents rather than compress.

5. Take a backup copy of toolkit.jar found in firefox chrome dir and copy the modifed file into that location. Restart Firefox and you got it.
Long weekend, holidays and Firefox

Another bank holiday and long weekend. Planned for a trek/walk but cancelled at the last minute because of a friends bachelor party. It was fun with all the guys drinking and cracking jokes and believe me there was never a mention of girls or any thing related to that. All centered around sports, movies, old college/hostel days and of couse sayari(s). Its been a long time since I went to a party like this.

Coming to the topic, I am still trying to get vi key bindings to work in firefox 1.5. Have tried everything including installing keybind xpi, prefs.js. prefs.js is used mostly pre-1.0 but I want no holes left to be turned. The platformHTMLBindings.xml holds the key but it hasnt worked for me till now. I reliase my mistake now, so bent upon trying to fix that one. I was editing the toolkit.jar with winzip and when I zip back, it is very small. winzip is really compressing the file rather than tarring. Since I don't know java neither use it, I need to find and download jar tools first. Once successful, I plan to write a short tutorial on it.
Nowadays, everbody is talking about ubuntu and I think even the whole slashdot crowd is behind ubuntu. Planning to give dapper a try and find out what is so wonderful about this distribution. I love my OpenSuse 10 which is rock solid and almost on the fly breezy installation including my Broadcom wireless NICs. Meanwhile, my ITIL foundation exam preparation is going very sluggish.